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The world's biggest mobile casino takes you to Las Vegas

최종 수정일: 2019년 12월 18일

Ever wondered how your Las Vegas experience would be? Martin has tried it – from his mobile. Still half asleep, 24 year old Martin franticly moved his 라이브바카라 arms around the night stand in a mission to silence the terrible noise coming from his alarm clock. Like any other Monday, Martin stretched his arms far into the air and yawned widely, quickly followed by a deep sigh; the weekend had already come to an end and it was time to go to work.

Martin had a bus to catch and as his time was short, it wasn't long before he had dressed himself, devoured a ham and cheese toast in two bites and run through the stinking rain all the way to the bus stop. Soaking wet and shivering from the icing cold outside, a troubled Martin sat down on one of the few empty seats in the otherwise jam-packed bus. "Luckily anytime's playtime when it's spent on Betsson", Martin quietly said to himself as he picked up his phone from his left jeans pocket and began navigating through the world's best mobile casino.

As the rain heavily rattled on the window Martin was leaning against, he took one last gaze at the grey scenery outside, before plugging in his headphones and journeyed into the mobile casino's magnificent and colorful world, filled with game excitement and lovely music. A big smile covered all of Martin's face as his morning immediately felt much better.

For Martin it's more or less a part of his daily routine to enjoy a few spins on the world's biggest mobile casino, while traveling to and from work. In the morning it gives him that extra energy and excitement to lit up his day, and in the evening it's the perfect way to relax after a day of hard work.

This morning, Martin had chosen to embellish it with the game TwinSpin. Not just because the game usually is generous with its payouts and have a soothing lounge tune that would suit any morning just perfect, but because he the other day had noticed Betsson running a campaign that could get him to the fantastic city of Las Vegas, should he play this game. Martin has actually been in Las Vegas before which was a trip of a life time. A remarkable experience that he would be more than happy to do all over again. Even though Martin is yet unaware of it, this is exactly what would be in store for him when Betsson later picked his lottery ticket as the winning one.

Las Vegas isn't just an unforgettable casino experience with a full spectrum of sparkling colors and neon lights wherever you turn. It's also the hometown of numerous world-renowned shows such as the unique masterpieces from Cirque du Soleil, world class comedy from the impersonator and ventriloquist Terry Fator, and stunning magic tricks by Mat Franco, winner of the American talent show "America's got talent". But this is far from everything that the paradise of entertainment has to offer.

For the foolhardy, a free fall of 260 meters await from Las Vegas tallest building "Stratosphere", a spectacular helicopter ride can be taken to view the amazing Grand Canyon and a ride in the world's largest mobile baccarat Ferris wheel will give a stunning view of the entire city. In addition to this, one must not miss out on Las Vegas own version of the Italian gondola ride and the French Eiffel tower, which one from the top will have an astounding view of hotel Bellagio's incredible fountain show.

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